Fallen, a review.


There’s a movie about this one and because I couldn’t really remember any detail at all of when I first read it, except that I didn’t like it enough to read the other three books after, I decided to give it a another go because I do crap like that.  Continue reading

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the world is gray

for some time now i’ve noticed that i wake up in color or songs. i would wake up with a song in my head and it’d stay there for the day and then i’d no longer remember one word of the song let alone the beat. same with colors. some days were bright and fun and some were matte. today the world is gray.

not only because the sun seems to have disappeared from the sky, although i’m sure it leaked into my thoughts subconsciously. the world is a scary and beautiful place. today when i asked Alexa the news it told me about the shooting in Las Vegas and how there were fifty people dead. i then went online and read a few articles and watched a few video s that i wish i hadn’t and then i hugged my daughter. i just stare at her for a few minutes when i read something like that or hear of something that makes the world a little darker, a little scarier because she is bright and somehow it balances me.

my mom was in the hospital today, she went for an exam and was put under general anesthesia and i realized that the older i get the more i worry, like it’s a genetic thing that clicks on after a certain age. i worry about how nothing is safe and everything can turn ugly so fast. how we can lose people we love, how we can lose ourselves.

i haven’t been in any particular religion, not for a long time. but i pray anyway, because i like to believe there’s someone listening and honestly just because it makes me feel better. i’m sorry for those who lost someone, anyone, because of acts of violence. it shouldn’t be this way and it’s devastatingly sad that it is.

it’s been on my mind since early this morning and i needed an outlet, this is basically my sigh. all the things my sigh meant this morning.

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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

This year has been one rollercoaster of reading experiences so far.


I read some amazing reviews and saw the 5 stars displayed everywhere I looked so   I took the plunge and bought the book to read. The first chapter was ok. The writing is good. The characters were good too but something didn’t click for me. The amazing plot twist was too easy to guess at and that was disappointing as a reader. I think it’s because other reviews mentioned it too much and therefore spoiled it a bit. You create this big thing in your head and make it way bigger than it actually is and the reality is a bit of a let down and it takes a very dull needle and pops your imaginary twist balloon.
Continue reading

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Moonlight’s Instagram

I was hyped up on coffee and realized that I’m not too good on social media. Barely at all. Sorta. Ok I suck. I might check for news about my friends on Facebook and see what they’re up to and post something once a month or so but I’m not a regular on it. I mostly don’t like Facebook but Instagram is cute to me. Well, the book/reading accounts I’ve seen are so lovely and lively that it made me want to open an account for this site. Might as well, nothing ventured nothing gained right? Riiiight.

It came at a right time too because of the February Instagram challenge by Bookriot called #riotgrams. I did the first day on my regular account but I barely have people there and most of the time they don’t know what’s up with me anyway. Again, it’s because my posts are too sporadic not because of them. Soooo lets see how this goes. I was going to make my other account public so it’d be easier but because of the pictures of my daughter, who I’m a freak about sharing online in general,  I didn’t want to do that. Instead a new one would be better. Who knows, maybe I’ll be too lazy in a month’s time and merge them.

Either way it’s hard making friends anywhere or “followers” (which sounds very stalkerish but catchy) so if there are any tips on how that works I’d love to hear it. I need to socialize somewhere at least.

I need ideas. I realize I’m asking for ideas into the void but well I’m used to speaking and people not hearing me, just ask my two-year old. LOL seriously.






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before i fall by Lauren Oliver


“How is it possible, I think,  to change so much and not be able to change at all?”

I wasn’t going to read this book. It reminded me too much of If I stay in some of the reviews I read and I couldn’t finish If I Stay at the time because of the mood of the book. So, why did I get I get it now? Because there’s a movie coming out based on the book and those always ruin the book imo and I wanted to read it before it got ruined.

Summary: It’s just any other day in Sam’s life, she wakes up and everything’s normal, doing normal things and everything is fine. Until it isn’t. That day turns out to be the last day of her life. Or so she thinks. When she wakes up she’s reliving the same day over and over again. Now she has a chance to change the outcome though, to get it right. It’s just not as easy as it seems. Continue reading

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Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship. The ones we build, the ones we keep and the ones that we let go. Mainly about my own role in each and how I can feel when a relationship is no longer…fruitful. The empty space starts rooting and banging and it demands to be let go, least for me. It’s weird that I even analyze it but I do. It starts feeling forced and you start not sharing as much as you would. Maybe because you just don’t feel like talking about it or because it’s something best kept to you. Continue reading

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Sharing the View 

Everytime I go on walks and I see a pretty view I stop what I’m doing to take it in. Sometimes I snap a picture to keep it. 

There was something that the lense didn’t capture. There was fog at the edges that made it misty. Which made me want to snap this one. 


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